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Join me for three transformative days in Aqua Marina Beach Club in Puerto Rico - June, 2021

You Have The Power To Create Any Reality you Want. Let’s work together to design a business that will bring joy, purpose, and fulfillment. As you can see, a retreat weekend can give you a chance to mastermind to a level that you can’t do in shorter meetings. It also allows you to socialize, building stronger bonds with others in the industry. To have excellent outcomes, you need the right leader, and who better than Carmen Ballering to offer this fantastic event.

Carmen is an international multi-award-winning artist & designer, CEO, and founder of Event Decorating Academy®, a global center of excellence providing outstanding education on professional development, transforming creative people into exceptional event designers.

Having spent over 28 years in the event design and gift industry, Carmen built four successful businesses before launching the Event Decorating Academy. She now delivers educational events all over the world.

Carmen has made it her life's mission to share her secrets and years of experience with aspiring students who want to follow in her footsteps. By showing them how to start their own event business with little or no money and transforming it into a six-figure income.

Why Do You Need The Designer Event Mastermind Retreat?

Are you taking advantage of your full potential?

Did you get a proper education or have been in the event decorating industry for a while but still not where you want to be?

This event is the key to take you to the next level. Outcomes are essential; that’s why we want to share what we expect to happen during those three amazing days. We will have inspiring stories, event education, meditation, and an intimate community of professional event decorators and designers who will understand you!

Join us for this unique retreat this fall in beautiful Puerto Rico. This retreat is for you if :

  • You have been decorating events for friends and family for free and are wondering if this career will ever take off for you.
  • If you started your event decorating business, but you’re not sure if you covered all the proper steps.
  • If you are retired but you would love to have your own small event business.


Many of you know where you are and where you want to go in life. The only thing that’s left is how you’re going to get there. You want to learn from someone at the highest level possible, that has lived through what you are going through and knows the good the bad and the potential success in the event industry.

We understand that you have an appetite for decorating events, let us help you find the balance and the strategies to take your passion into a successful business.

We will have inspiring stories, event education, meditation, and an intimate community of professional event decorators and designers who will understand you!

I love how retreats help to change the lives of everyone involved. I’ve made it my calling to provide a great location in beautiful Puerto Rico. We have the perfect location for you. We are located on the west side of the Island of Puerto Rico. On a magnificent beachfront site, the ideal place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, and the fantastic beaches and the whales when in season.

We offer many different packages for retreats, event coordination, and decorations. We can help you design a fantastic retreat. Many of our packages include meals and drinks with room packages. We also arrange tours and trips around the island, yoga, massages, surfing lesson, jet ski rentals, and much more. You will, for sure, experience paradise here.

We want to help your business bring transformation to as many people as possible. Let us help you design a fantastic retreat on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is full of ancient history & rich culture. It has beautiful colonial architecture, perfect weather, fun attractions, and delicious food. The beaches are breathtaking and to top it off the island has the only tropical rainforest in the US.

But that is not all, Puerto Rico also offers the bioluminescent bays. While bio bays around the world are seasonal, the bioluminescence in Puerto Rico is year-round. The darker it is, the more it glows, and the more you’ll witness the effect that movement has on these single-celled organisms.

A retreat in Puerto Rico is less expensive than in Hawaii, Tahiti & Bali. It is much safer than the Dominican Republic, Mexico, or Aruba.

Puerto Rico does have it all, and we offer it to you for less than you expect to pay elsewhere!

Join us; you won’t regret it!


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Here's What Our Time Together Will Look Like



Three days in paradise

Get clear, focused & grounded at the moment Identifying your life's purpose & passions

Disengage from the "busy-ness" of your life so you can release whatever has held you back and open yourself to more in-depth insight and clarity

Discover or reconnect with what you most want to achieve in your business and get the support you need to pursue your purpose with enthusiasm.

We will work on aligning your vision with your purpose.

  • Identifying your superpower
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Focus on identifying the areas of your business that have been holding you back.
  • Creating a road map that will lead you to achieve your biggest business goals.
  • Vision board workshop
  • Workshop to make a specific action plan on how to make a six-figure income in 2020.
  • Learn the newest trends and strategies in the industry to beat out your competitors.
  • Special guest instructors
  • One on one session with Carmen
  • Round table mastermind sessions
  • Speed Coaching
  • Power Panel - Ask the experts
  • Hands-on workshops that will help you be confident when meeting with clients,
  • Tons of networking, eating, drinking
  • Pool party, beach bonfire and much more.



Once your application is approved, you will receive an "Intended Outcomes Form" as well as a questionnaire on your business, including what challenges you are facing. The form will help us structure part of the agenda to cover the attendee's most pressing needs. We want this to be truly transformational for all that attend.


TThe retreat is a fantastic event at an excellent price. The three-day mastermind retreat includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for only $1,500

Rooms Rates . Sharing rooms is permitted and price can be divided.

You will not find another business retreat mastermind of this magnitude in PARADISE! for this price.

Book now! Only 20 spots are available for this exclusive event.

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Take a deep breath! Join us for positive energy, and strategies to get your plans out of your head to run a successful event business and gain momentum in your career. Register today for a 3-day experience filled with transformational education. Join an amazing group of event decorators together with a successful elite professional that will share their experiences in the business. You deserve to be in a community that will inspire you and helps you celebrate your achievements.





If you’re like most of our clients, you find it difficult to relax and take time off from your business. Focusing on yourself may feel like an indulgence that you can’t afford to take. During our three days together, we’ll practice balancing work with relaxation and playtime. You’ll discover how practicing this balance naturally increases your creativity, enthusiasm, optimism, and productivity.





This event will be focused on creating a road map that will lead you to achieve your biggest business goals. We’re excited to help you overcome some of the biggest challenges you are facing. Throughout the three -days, you will work on finding incredible solutions and experience many strategies to take action and improve the way you run your business. By creating easy to follow strategies that will help you with pricing, consultations, and bookings. Best of all, you will experience hands-on workshops that will help you be confident when meeting with clients, designs layouts, and decorating.


Setting Goals and building a plan

Goal settings and having clarity is essential. It’s time that you focus on what you want, no more settling for someone else’s dreams. We have all the tools you need to set your goals and put it on a great vision board. You will quickly realize where you are now, where you want to go and how you can get there.

Get clarity on what you want (no more settling for someone else’s dreams). Enjoy all the tools and time to create your A great vision board.


Discovering your super powers

To achieve the mental and energetic aliment, you need to attract money into your business; you need to know what is your superpower. We will help you discover that and will help you mold it so that you can live the life you have been dreaming of all your life.





Complete the form below to apply.

Become the person you need to be to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and execute your plans.


This event is unlike any event you’ve experienced before.

I’ve specifically designed the agenda to allow time for connection and one-on-one mentorship with me and our team of experts.

In addition to our powerful work and planning sessions, there will also be plenty of opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

One of the most important aspects of living your ideal life is having a lot of FUN!

You’ll enjoy a variety of fun activities where you will be able to relax, bond as a group, and get to know each other on a much deeper level. All while continuing the enriching conversations, idea sharing, and brainstorming initiated during our mentoring and mastermind sessions.

We’ve purposely limited the seats to this retreat to a max of 20, to give everyone a very personal experience.

TThe boutique hotel is beautiful paradise steps from the beach with an amazing pool area, bar, and restaurant. Registration includes all meals, education, room and welcome gifts.

The address will be on the registration email with the agenda.

A limited number of vendor tables are available with sponsorship packages only.



YES! I want to be considered as one of the 20 committed people to participate in this unique private Designer Mastermind Retreat
June, 2021 in Puerto Rico


We'll never share your email with anyone else.



If you qualify to attend, you must agree to dedicate yourself to the program diligently.

I would like to give you a huge welcome!

to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico

Traveling to Paradise - the Beautiful Island of Puerto Rico


If you are flying to San Juan airport, you will need to rent a car or arrange transportation. The San Juan airport is about 2 hours away from our he retreat location. You can enjoy the trip, see the beautiful sceneries on the way to your paradise retreat.If you are flying to Aguadilla airport, you can arrange with us to get picked up. Aguadilla airport is about 30 minutes to our location.


welcome to puerto rico


  • Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States. Puerto Ricans are US Citizens, and US travelers do not need a passport to visit.
  • Puerto Rico is east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands.
  • This paradise island is blessed with an estimated 300 miles of coastline with beach taking beaches.
  • Spanish & English are the official languages in Puerto Rico. Most locals speak English, especially in tourist areas.
  • The official currency is the US dollar. When you’re here, you’ll hear most locals calling dollars “pesos.“
  • The climate is primarily classified as a tropical rainforest. With a comfortable average temperature of about 82 °F (28 °C) throughout the year, it’s always summer in Puerto Rico making it a great place to visit all year round. The weather does not vary much, but there is a dry and a hurricane season.
retreat party
Thursday Registration Night

We’ll kick off our adventure with an opening night cocktail reception so you can get to know the other participants and meet your future support and networking team.

retreatpool party

Growth, expansion, and networking don’t occur only during work sessions! You’ll have plenty of time to hang out at the pool overlooking the beautify Sandy beach, or kick back in a lounge chair on the beach while sipping on your favorite frozen drink.

designer retreat
MASTERMIND & Laser Coaching

You’ll spend several hours a day brainstorming with your mastermind group and getting ideas, advice, & solutions to your challenges.

carmen ballering superwoman



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